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Q: Why do I need a web site?
A: A web site provides an additional resource and acts as a handy information tool for your current and/or potential customers, clients, fans, students or patients. A web site is also another form of advertisement, a virtual brochure/presentation of your business.
Q: What is involved in creating a web site and getting it on the internet?
A: First, the look and feel of the web site needs to be determined. Then the web site pages and graphics are created. A domain name must be purchased (if you wish to have a specific web address) and a host selected. Once the web site is created and approved by the client, it is then uploaded to the internet and available for anyone to see.
Q: Once the web site is completed, who owns it?
A: Once the web site is completed and final payment is received, the client owns the web site and can do with it as he or she pleases.
Q: What is a host or hosting service provider?
A: A host or hosting service provider is a company that offers space on a web server that will hold your web site information, graphics and makes them available on the Internet.
Q: Once my web site is on the Internet, how will people find it?
A: If they have the specific web address, they can enter it into their URL or Address line and go straight to it. But, if they do not have the specific web address, you need to obtain Web Site Marketing assistance. Not2B4Gotten offers this service. You also need to make sure you advertise your web site by printing it on all business materials.
Q: Do I have to purchase a domain name?
A: No, your Internet Service Provider, ISP, may offer free space with your current account.
Q: How do I purchase a domain name?
A: You can purchase your domain name through various domain registrars. If you wish, Not2B4Gotten can assist you with this step.
Q: How long does it take to get a web site up and running on the Internet?
A: The development time for a basic web site is 2 to 4 weeks. Prior to development, the design and layout must be approved by the client and payment must be received by Not2B4Gotten. If the web site requires e-commerce or more involved programming, the time frame may be longer.
Q: How do I make changes to my web site once it is on the Internet?
A: You can maintain your web site yourself if you wish, or Not2B4Gotten can provide this service to you for a monthly fee or on an as needed basis.
Q: What is a web "page"?
A: A web site is a set or group of pages. A web "page" is generally focused on one subject or topic.
If you have a question that was not addressed here, please contact us and we will provide you with an answer as soon as possible.

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