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Web Site Basics
bullet Keep it simple! If your web site has too much information, people will most likely not read it. The average time a person spends on a page is 20 seconds and you have only approximately 10 seconds to make an impression and spark their interest.
bullet Make sure your web site has clear navigation and is easy to move around.
bullet Carefully select your graphics and keep their size to a minimum.
bullet Make sure your web site looks good in any browser.
bullet Know the answers to the following questions:
  What is the point of the site?
  What are the goals of your web site?
  Who are you?
  Who is your audience?
bullet Keep the most important information on the front page.
bullet Keep the most important information in the top left hand corners of your pages.
bullet Make sure your colors are web-safe, within the universal-color palette.
bullet Make sure the type color and the background color it is on are comfortable to the eye.
bullet White space or blank space keeps your web site from looking too cluttered. It also helps the viewer to focus on what is important.
bullet Make sure your pages and graphics do not take too long to download.

P.O. Box 155021, Irving, TX 75201
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