What are Glyconutrients?
Glyconutrients are NOT vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, herbs, enzymes or homeopathic drugs.

The word nutraceuticals is an unofficial term that came from the combination of nutrition and pharmaceutical.
The word is meant to describe...
natural food-based (nutrition) substances that have pharmacological (healing) effects on the human body.

Nutraceuticals is a relatively new term used by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine for all natural, standardized, non-toxic dietary supplements designed to optimize health through improved nutrition.

Glyconutrients are biologically-active sugars that serve a critical role in health by ensuring proper cell-to-cell communication.
Research reveals that a group of 8 sugars play a critical role in cellular communication.

Unlike other nutrition supplements, glyconutrients provide the saccharides recently identified as
essential for good human health

The efficacy of glyconutrients has been established by the world's leading scientists and researchers as the key to proper cellular communication and proper cell function.

What exactly are glyconutritionals?
Glyconutrients are, simply put, food.
They are nutrients that we don't get in today's diet for numerous reasons. Glyconutrients are key elements in food that make optimal health possible. Glyconutrients are essential in glycoprotien production and nearly all cellular functions.
The bad news is we are only getting 2 of the necessary 8 glyconutrients in our modern diets.

All health, or lack of it begins at the cellular level.

Do glyconutrients have side effects?
Because these are just food, they've not been found to have side effects or to interact with pharmaceuticals or herbal products -- kind of like eating broccoli. They have even been administered in very large amounts through feeding tubes to children who have birth defects and childhood illnesses with no side effects and very positive results.

Physicians' Desk Reference
The PDR for Non Prescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements lists these sugars.
Clinically proven to be absolutely safe, glyconutrients are exactly the same sugars your body produces, making it physiologically impossible for them to interfere with prescription drugs or harm you in any way!
Safe and natural, mother's milk has these same essential sugars!

Can I buy glyconutrients at my local health food store?
The glyconutrient complex that contains all 8 essential sugars is available primarily through distributors. One reason for this is that this technology is so new that the public has not generally heard of it and requires an education before purchasing. The international research and development company that holds the patent for the complex chooses to put their funds to R&D programs, not marketing and advertising.

So where can I purchase these glyconutrients?
We are distributors of glyconutritional products. Just contact us if you are interested in purchasing product or obtaining more detailed information about glyconutrients.

Why doesn't my doctor tell me?
If your doctor knew about this new discovery he would tell you! They're too busy with patients and paperwork to read the numerous scientific papers on these amazing nutrients. Doctors get most of their new information from drug firms, so don't expect them to recommend a natural product they don't understand.

Why has my doctor never heard of glyconutrients?
Most physicians attended medical school before this technology began being published so profusely. It was not until 1996 that one of the primary medical textbooks, Harper's Biochemistry, published a chapter on glyconutrients. Although there are nearly 5,000 articles published daily pertaining to glycobiology, it is still not common knowledge. Physicians are inundated with new information primarily from pharmaceutical companies and this product being a neutraceutical, it is less known by today's doctors.

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